Welcome to They Didn't Know! A site started by a bunch of guys who had spy cams, time and access to a lot of unsuspecting girls! We set up our cameras EVERYWHERE and see if we can catch girls doing what they normally do in private, when no one is watching. It is hot because They Didn't Know!
Ira Skinny Dips
Here is what you need to pull this off and I am telling you it isn't that hard. You need a descent camera, a long life battery, a MiniDV tape set on SP so it'll record for 6 hours, a girlfriend who feels much more comfortable outside then in and a lake. Ira once again proves that she loves being natural in nature as she is told about the swimming hole and then left alone. She goes to it, removes all of her clothes and just enjoys herself.
Revenge Fucking
This crazy ass bitch had been chasing our guy around for months trying to break up him and his girl and it finally worked. He got really mad about it because this slut was telling lies about how they had fucked at a party and all that. When his girlfriend heard the stories it was over, and no second chance.
Hot Hitchhiker 2
Can you say DashCam!? I hope so because our resident super genius can and when he installed this one he could not wait to try it out. Remember that willing slutty hitchhiker? She is back and fucking and sucking our man's brains out. I am sure when she finds out about this site he is going to have some explaining to do. But for me I will just sit here, watching this video a few dozen times and tell the fucker to quit using black condoms: they look weird!!
Anita Fucks In The Woods
When I had said that Ira and Anita shared everything I Didn't Know it extended out to their boyfriends too! But here he is, fucking the hell out of that very cute brunette teen Anita, out in the woods again. This camera was turned on by remote control; can you imagine that? But it really didn't matter how he set this whole thing up the bottom line is we got to see Anita in action and she is just as fond of internal cumshots as her friend is. This sexy teen slut loves the cock and it shows in this steamy spycam video!
Helen Is A Dirty Girl
A member of the Cabal who wishes to remain nameless had met a girl partying named Helen and the two of them hit it off really good and started dating. But then he found out that this girl had been getting drunk and fucking other guys using the excuse that she couldn't help herself. Little did she know about his membership in the cabal and that she was about to be his next victim.
Secret Can Placement
Have you ever wondered why girls take so damn long in the fucking bathroom? So have I and this video shows some of the reason the girls seems to hog the bathroom time so much. I am NOT going to mention how this camera got where it got or why the footage is so good. Just enjoy this hot video of a hot teen girl getting ready to go out for a night of partying and I am sure a ton of sluttiness too! Now all I need to do is find out which club she parties at and maybe I can get a much closer view of these perfect titties!

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